PRIMOS HUNTING Double Bull Surround View Blind

PRIMOS HUNTING Double Bull Surround View Blind Review: The Best Hunting Blind

Hunters have used blinds for hunting various animals throughout human history; even in prehistoric times, hunters utilized primitive blinds for hunting various species. Hunting from a blind enables the hunter to conceal in a set place during a hunting session while also protecting from the elements.

A hunting blind can house one or several hunters. Hunting blinds are commonly employed for turkey, deer, ducks, geese, and other waterfowl.

The new PRIMOS HUNTING Double Bull Surround View Blind includes an exciting new feature that makes it stand out from the competition. Although the SurroundView includes shooting windows, the hunter now has the opportunity to see beyond the walls of the ground, which was previously impossible. This feature has the potential to transform the game completely.



All of your questions about the PRIMOS HUNTING Double Bull Surround View Blind will be answered right here. You will learn about the SurroundView setup, reviews, components, how it works, and whether or not it is a good investment for the money you spend.

PRIMOS HUNTING Double Bull Surround View Blind


Design and Construction

The majority of the time, when using ground blinds, you will find yourself in the midst of trees, branches, and other sharp objects in your environment. The quality of the ground blind’s materials will significantly impact how long it will last and how well it will adhere to your hunting excursions.

The last thing anyone wants is a ground blind with its wall being torn at the very first point of contact with a branch, which is why the materials from which the model is constructed must be carefully considered.

The materials utilized in the construction of the PRIMOS HUNTING Double Bull Surround View Blind are legendary and provide complete waterproofing, but the exact materials used are kept under wraps by the manufacturers themselves. The fabrics used are extremely durable and will last season after season of use.

The hub system on the PRIMOS HUNTING Double Bull Surround View Blind is both strong as nails and engineered to be as simple as possible to avoid troubles. When compared to traditional hub blinds, the Power Hub Framework uses less force and aligns rods properly, resulting in tighter fabric and an easier setup.

In order to give you the best possible view of your surroundings, the PRIMOS HUNTING Double Bull Surround View Blind is created with special one-way see-through walls that allow you to see everything without being seen. It has four one-way see-through walls as well as one movable black-out wall that can be placed on any wall of your choice in the room.



When it comes to the size and capacity of your blind, there are a few essential remarks we want to make. The number of persons you generally hunt with is the most important factor in determining size.

Also, bow hunting necessitates some space around you, and having a large group of people inside will cause some trouble. Furthermore, as you all move about, there will be more noise. It also suffices to say that being crammed into a small place with other people isn’t the finest way to spend your weekend.

If several hunters or a hunter and a cameraman must share the blind during a hunting session, the PRIMOS HUNTING Double Bull Surround View Blind is unquestionably the best choice.

Since it has a width of roughly 60 x 60 inches and a standing height of 70 inches, this is the greatest hunting blind for at least two hunters. The floor of the blind is spacious enough for one or two folding seats and the hunter(s)’ equipment, with a 360-degree view.


Weight and Portability

The longer the distance between your home and the spot where you hunt, the more vital portability becomes. While the majority of hunters choose to construct permanent or semi-permanent hunting blinds on their preferred shooting grounds, other hunters enjoy changing positions on a regular basis. In order for them to accomplish this, they want a hunting blind that is highly portable and easy to transport.

As a result, most modern hunting blind types are designed to be portable, have reduced packing sizes, and be simpler to deploy and assemble than previous models. The carrying case or bag, in addition to being lightweight and portable, is essential for the blind.

Combined with the carrying bag, the PRIMOS HUNTING Double Bull Surround View Blind weighs only 23 pounds. It is heavy enough to withstand most weather conditions while still being lightweight enough to transfer from one location to another on the spur of the moment.


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Windows and Doors

The greater the number of watching and shooting opportunities provided by a blind, the more helpful it is to a hunter. Hunting blinds are available in a variety of window styles with a variety of features and designs.

The most significant characteristics are the ability to adjust, ease of use, and noise reduction. Because the height of the windows might vary from one blind to another, you should always keep the sort of weapon you intend to employ in mind when determining the height of the windows.

The PRIMOS HUNTING Double Bull Surround View Blind is equipped with a zipperless door that allows for quiet entry even while wearing hunting gear. Approximately 48.5 inches in height and 29 inches in width, this door is a standard size. This ground blind includes a 180° full front shooting window with 5 shoot-through ports.

The window and door are positioned at the proper height; also, if you are using a bow, you want your blind to be high enough so that you can stand erect when looking out the window. Due to the fact that it is created with elongated corner windows, this hunting blind is the finest choice for bow hunters.



The first thing you’ll notice when searching for a new ground blind is the variety of camouflage patterns available. Some hunting blinds are meant to blend in with specific terrains and can readily blend in with shadow grass blades, backwoods, evergreen forests, green or brown foliage, and others.

The PRIMOS HUNTING Double Bull Surround View Blind is outfitted with the TRUTH Camo pattern, which is exclusive to Primos. Shadows and patterns are used in conjunction with a depth of field that is specifically designed to provide the best possible camouflage in all ground-level hunting scenarios.


Ease in Setup

A difficult-to-set-up ground blind equals more time spent on it. This means there will be more time to create noise and be recognized. Because you’ll most likely be building up your blind in dusk or possibly darkness, it’s likely that you’ll lose parts or set it up wrong.

When you unbox the PRIMOS HUNTING Double Bull Surround View Blind, you will see that it is already assembled and ready for use! The setup time is supposed to be 7 seconds; however, the blind will most probably take longer to fully set up. It is fairly simple to set up. However, we recommend that you do so multiple times at home before taking it out into the field.



We strongly recommend the PRIMOS HUNTING Double Bull Surround View Blind because we believe it will improve your entire hunting experience.

Overall, there are cheaper blinds with a greater choice of shooting angles, but the build and quality of this Primos unit will likely outlast and out hunt the competitors in the long run.

Please read our detailed buying guide to learn more about other hunting blind options and how to select the right one for you.


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