Berkley Digital Fish Scale with Tape-50 Review

Berkley Digital Fish Scale with Tape-50 Review: The Best Fish Scale at an Affordable Price

Tournament anglers and novice anglers alike value accuracy and dependability when it comes to their fishing scales. Concerning tournament fishing, knowing exactly which fish to submit for weighing is critical; it might mean the difference between beating and losing a competition.

The most important thing for rookie anglers is having fun catching fish, although it’s usually good to have some friendly rivalry within your friend group.

However, in the race to find the best fish scale, there are many aspects to consider, such as long-term use, accuracy, and ease of use. The most significant professional fishing equipment you can invest in is fish scales, especially if you compete.

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at one of the most popular fish scales on Amazon, the Berkley Digital Fish Scale with Tape-50. With its easy-grip top handle and sides, you can use it even when your hands are slick and wet. Up to 10 weights can be stored in the built-in memory, and the TARE feature lets you add the total weight of several fish.



As the premier brand of fishing tackle, Berkley is dedicated to igniting anglers’ enthusiasm for the sport by providing the most comprehensive selection of innovative solutions designed by specialists. Their cutting-edge technology has improved the performance of fishing lines, soft baits, hard baits, fishing rods, and terminal tackle, among other products.

Anglers can easily determine the weight and length of their catch with the Berkley Digital Fish Scale, which comes with an attached tape measure and a no-tear fish clip. It’s a great pick if you’re seeking a digital fish weighing scale that has versatility.

Let’s get into the specifics.


Weight Range

When purchasing a set of digital fish scales, one of the first things you’ll want to consider is the amount of weight they can handle. The digital fish scales that you choose should be large enough to accommodate the weight of the fish that you wish to capture.

A mechanism known as a load cell is contained within every digital scale, and it is responsible for measuring and sensing the weight of the fish dangling from the clip. In addition, there is a limit on the capacity of this load cell. The highest weighing capacity of the product is indicated on the product label.

The maximum weight that can be weighed with the Berkley Digital Fish Scale is 50 pounds or 23 kilograms.

Furthermore, you have the option of measuring weights in two different units: pounds and kilograms. For those who are more familiar with kilograms, you can switch the unit by pushing and holding all of the buttons for three seconds.


Berkley Digital Fish Scale with Tape-50 Review


The primary goal of operating any type of fish weighing equipment is to achieve precision. Why would you use a fish scale in the first place if it is unable to provide precise measurements?

In spite of minor accuracy difficulties in the case of fish less than 3 pounds, digital or electronic fish scales, such as the Berkley Digital Fish Scale, have acquired the distinction of being the most accurate available.

With the Berkley Digital Fish Scale, you’ll be able to acquire an extremely accurate reading. With an accuracy of around 0.5 oz (+/-), it is an extremely accurate high-precision weighing scale.


Attachment Mechanism

When it comes to attachment mechanisms, a basic hook system that goes under the fish’s gill plate and allows it to hang from that is one of the most commonly used varieties. Another option is to use a sharper hook that fits within the fish’s mouth rather than a blunt hook. On the other hand, when using a fish gripper, you have a firm grip on the fish and can rest assured that it will only be released when you want it to be.

Whatever form of attachment mechanism you choose, it’s critical that it’s well-made and won’t break down under pressure or use.

The attachment function on the Berkley Digital Fish Scale is extremely user-friendly and provides excellent convenience. It comes with a robust stainless-steel hook for attaching the fish, as well as a big handle that makes it easy to grip onto the scale while holding the fish up to catch the weight of the fish being weighed.



It is critical to inspect the materials before making a purchase. Fishing scales are devices that are destined to be employed in a variety of challenging scenarios. Because of the ruggedness of the marine environment, it is usual for fish scales to be subjected to damage. Keeping this in mind, it’s critical to invest in a long-lasting model.

With a durable plastic shell and a sturdy stainless-steel hook, the Berkley Digital Fish Scale is a great addition to any fishing gear collection. Because of the ergonomic design of this instrument, you may comfortably hold it while weighing a catch of fish.



When considering the fact that fish scales are a marine product, it is reasonable to expect them to be resistant to at least a minor amount of exposure to water. Although it is not a standard feature, small water droplets will not be a source of concern if the product is well-made.

If you’re leaning toward using a digital scale to weigh fish, fish scales with screw-on covers provide an additional layer of security because there will be less water seeping in through the openings to the battery compartment.

Berkley engineered the Berkley Digital Fish Scale to be completely waterproof and durable enough to withstand almost any situation you might find yourself in a while out fishing. Because of its water-resistant features, you won’t have to be concerned about any water-related damage to your device.

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Gripper Handles

The Berkley Digital Fish Scale is equipped with a gripper handle for easy handling while weighing your catch.

Gripper handles are a critical component of the gadget that can make or break the entire product. They are underappreciated but equally crucial. While the gripper handles are badly constructed, they are quite difficult to hold, especially when weighing a heavy fish.

The gripper handle on the Berkley Digital Fish Scale is made of durable plastic, and its ergonomic shape ensures that it is comfortable to hold in your hands while weighing fish.


Ease of Use

Berkley’s small digital scale is around 15cm long and fits comfortably in a pocket. This is an excellent scale for storage and travel.

The Berkley Digital Fish Scale has two control buttons beneath the LCD screen, which are easy to reach. One button turns on the scale, while the other allows you to select other weight units.

While the fish is on the scale, press the weigh button as soon as possible, and the scale will spit out an accurate weight in a matter of seconds. The other button can be used to switch between ounces, pounds, and kilograms of weight.

With its TARE feature, the Berkley Digital Fish Scale automatically stores the weight data of your most recent 10 fish captures, making it easy to keep track of your catches.

The attachable tape measure, which allows you not only to weigh but also measure your catch, is another great little feature.



The Berkley Digital Fish Scale is powered by CR2032 batteries, which are more difficult to come by than standard AA or AAA size batteries.

It is necessary to change the battery periodically and to do so, you will need to use a quarter to screw off the back cover and gain access to the battery compartment. The battery life of this fish scale is quite lengthy, and it includes an auto-shutoff mode to conserve battery life.

Make sure the batteries in this scale are fresh, though, as some customers have noted that the accuracy of the weight can fluctuate slightly if the batteries are running low.



With a list price of less than $20, the Berkley Digital Fish Scale is one of the most affordable fish weighing scales on the market. The tape measure on the mouth grip is also a smart design choice. This Fish Scale is your best bet if you’re looking for a fish scale that’s precise and has enough memory capacity. Your weighing experience will be enhanced by the features and design.

Please read our in-depth buying guide if you’re interested in learning about other excellent fish scales available and how to pick the perfect one for you.


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