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The Best Digital Fish Scale to Weigh Your Next Big Catch

Every angler aspires to land a monster fish, something nearly extraterrestrial.

While measuring tapes and pictures are useful, you won’t feel pleased until you’ve accurately weighed your big fish at the same time on the finest digital fish scale. Guesstimating is tricky – we all want to add a few pounds each time the story is retold.

Thus, we’ve reviewed five digital fishing scales, weighed their advantages and downsides, and presented them to you to save your energy and time. This article also includes a buying guide for your added convenience to choose a fish scale fitting your fishing style. Finally, we addressed some frequently asked questions about digital fishing scales.

No more tall tales or inflated figures. Let’s jump in!


Best Digital Fish Scale Reviewed: Our Top Picks 

We have made certain that there is a choice for every budget on the table. The size of the fish you wish to catch is the most crucial factor to assess. Not every scale can weigh the same fish. Let’s weigh things up without further ado.


Dr. Meter 110lb/50kg PS01 Best Portable Digital Fishing Scale

Dr. Meter PS01 110lb/50kg Digital Fishing Scale is one of the most desirable digital fishing scales on the market.

Dr. Meter 110lb/50kg PS01 Fishing Scale


To travel with your electronic fish scale, it must be portable. Portable fish weighing scales are small and lightweight. With a handy metal hand strap powered by 2AAA batteries inside, this Dr. Meter fish scale is a perfect portable digital hanging scale. These batteries are easily replaceable with new batteries.

This fishing scale has a capacity of 110lb/50kg and a precision of 5g-10g. There is no restriction on the weight of the fish. A large backlit LCD screen shows the exact weights in g/kg/lb./oz, which is a plus for these weighing scales.

Its built-in measuring tape measures items in cm/in/ft up to 1m in length. This device allows for easy weighing, unit switch, data lock system, and auto off function.

The premium stainless steel hook is concealed in the back slot of this fishing gear. Stainless Steel is known to be durable against tarnishing, shattering, and rusting.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Built in measuring tape
  • Data lock and auto off functions
  • Multiple weight display options
  • Tare function
  • Large LCD devices for enhanced viewing
  • Intended to accurately weigh fish


  • Not water-resistant, which can throw off some anglers

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HEETA Best Grip Portable Digital Fish Scale

HEETA is a great digital scale for weighing fish, luggage, and other stuff. It has a built in LCD light display.

HEETA Portable Digital Fish Scale


Since it is only 8.3 ounces, you may use this digital hanging scale outside and carry it in a tackle bag for the greatest fishing experience. It runs on 2 AAA batteries and is perfect for any fisherman fishing in fresh and saltwater environments.

These digital scales have detachable soft nylon braided straps. This protects your items when measuring large cases.

Nonetheless, the strap can easily be unscrewed to a simple circle-shaped hook at the bottom of the hanging hook scale.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Built-in backlit LCD display
  • Portability
  • Highly accurate readings
  • Built-in tape measure


  • Not waterproof, so you will have to keep it away from getting wet

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KastKing Best Waterproof Floating Digital Fishing Scale

The digital scales from KastKing provide good value for money.

While most digital scales claim to be water resistant, this one, with its ability, goes beyond marketing bluster. Users say this scale can withstand rain, splashes, and high humidity without issue. That’s amazing for a low-cost digital scale.

KastKing Waterproof Floating Digital Fishing Scale


The KastKing has a simple hook for catching fish, and we highly recommend a gripper. That’ll help your catch and your job! It has a 38-inch retractable tape measure, but it’s not durable. 

With a clear, backlit LCD read scale and three buttons to engage its numerous features, this digital scale is, of course, “all go and no show.” One of them can store up to nine weights.  An attached gripper can also be zeroed to avoid adding ounces to your catch.

From 1 ounce to 110 pounds, this digital scale is quite accurate. Customers report that it is within a few ounces throughout a wide range of weights. The lack of a 100ths function can be an issue for tournament fishing.

Finally, it runs on two AAA batteries and has decent battery life.


  • Durable materials and easy to use
  • Amazing attachment mechanism
  • Clear, backlit LCD display
  • Memory function
  • Affordable price
  • Superior maximum weight capacity


  • Needs a gripper

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Rapala Best Touch Screen Tourney Digital Scale 15lb

Rapala has been serving serious anglers for many years, so it’s no wonder they make the finest digital fish scales. The Rapala High Contrast Digital Scale is one of their flagship products.

Rapala Touch Screen Tourney Scale 15lb

This Rapala Scale is one of the top digital alternatives for competitive anglers, with a great gripper and all the features you need for a fishing tournament.

Its large LED panel properly displays eight recorded weights with a running total catch weight for bass contests. This is vital information when the heat is on, and we know you’ll enjoy it along with your best fishing reels. With a 15-pound maximum weight capacity (also comes in a 30-pound model), the Rapala touch screen scale covers even the biggest bass.

You won’t find more accurate digital scales weighing your combined weight than this one!

The wide touch screen is easy to control. With features like a low battery life indicator, you can rely on this heavy-duty Rapala scale when you have to cover more pressing issues.

The linked gripper is tough and powerful; you won’t lose fish. However, some tend to say it’s a bit stiff.

This digital scale runs on two AA batteries that can hold up to 400 hours.

That’s why we’re amazed. But nothing is precisely perfect. Water resistance is low, so it is pretty obvious that you have to keep these expensive tools dry. Some users have reported issues with high humidity and temperature, causing internal screen fogging!


  • Easy to operate
  • Incredible battery life
  • Indicators for low batteries
  • Perfect for tournaments
  • Sturdy gripper
  • Amazing memory features


  • Not very water resistant

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Piscifun Fish Best Lip Gripper with Digital Scale

Using digital scales might be frustrating because you can’t move them. But the Piscifun Fishing Scale can be helpful. This scale features a convenient LCD screen. The fun thing is that you can rotate it 360 degrees.

Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Digital Scale


You can count on the greatest screening with ease of use. No compromise on precision. Use the memory-saving tool to save a fish weight record for days or months.

This fish lip gripper scale is capable of storing up to ten fish at a time. Can’t locate your measuring unit? Use its dual units conversion modes.

This digital scale is equipped with a rough-finished, higher-rated stainless steel hook suitable for both salt and freshwater fish. The grip’s slip-proof band solves handling concerns.


  • Corrosion resistance stainless steel built
  • Simple user interface
  • Moveable and rotating digital display
  • Non slip grip
  • Fast and accurate scale showing the exact weight


  • Inadequate battery life

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Etekcity Digital Fishing Scale with Best Backlit LCD Display

Backlit LCD displays in g, kg, lb, and oz are available on the scale. The scale is lightweight, compact, and easy to transport. The scales may be turned on and the weights can be replaced with a simple press of a button. The strain sensor system is quite accurate. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside, this scale is perfect for you.

Etekcity Fishing Scale with Backlit LCD Display


Weighing things weighing between 0.1 and 110 pounds is possible with the use of very accurate sensors (0.01-50 kg). There are 10 g increments in the measurement of a substance. This is as close to perfect as you can get!

Backlit LCD displays on the scale are easy to read. If you want to use it in the dark, you can.

Auto-shutoff after minutes of idleness is another component that helps conserve energy. In order to ensure that you aren’t overloading the fish scale, there is also an overload signal for things over 110 lbs.

A low battery indicator will let you know when it’s time to swap out the battery. You can enable or disable the theatre feature and the data retain function.

Fishes, parcels, and carry-on luggage can all be placed in the back slots of the scales, which also houses the heavy-duty stainless steel hooks. This is a must-have item in your kitchen.

There are four ways to measure weight. Kilograms, ounces, and pounds are all units of weight. All of your weighing needs will be met with just one scale!

CR2032 batteries and a carry pouch are included in each order as accessories.


  • Compact and light
  • Affordable and versatile
  • Measures in different weight units
  • Versatile in use


  • Not waterproof

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Digital Fishing Scale Buying Guide

This guide will cover some of the most significant features and things to look for when buying a fishing scale. Keep in mind your budget for your digital fish scales.

If you intend to use your scale to weigh fish caught in a tournament fishing, you will need a set of fishing scales that will allow you to store the weights of your fish and cull the ones you don’t need to keep without having to weigh them all over again.

Here are a few of the most significant factors to consider when purchasing a set of digital fishing scales.


Types of Fish Scales

The latest fish scales allow anglers to measure their fish’s size without damaging it, and there are various types:

  • A portable and mini fish scale carried in a tackle box or a jacket pocket with other items.
  • The digital fish scales read in pounds and ounces or kilograms and are light for easy reading day or night at any location.
  • The memory of some fish scales stores individual weights and total bag weights, which is a good choice for fishing tournaments.
  • A mechanical fishing scale does not require batteries and is always ready to handle the job.

Weight Limit

The first thing you should look for in a set of digital fish scales is their poundage capacity. Choose a fish weighing scale that can weigh the fish you expect to catch. Freshwater fishing scales can weigh up to 15 pounds in some situations, for example.

There is no need to get a heavy fishing scale if your fishing is only limited to freshwater species. These fishing scales are substantially more expensive and can usually weigh fish up to 20 pounds. If you intend to target large fish, a fishing scale that can weigh up to 50 pounds is likely to be a wise investment.

You can obtain digital fish scales that weigh up to 100 pounds, but they will be far more expensive than other scales now available in the fishing sector.



Another factor to notice when selecting a fish scale is its accuracy. Digital scales are a case of ‘you get what you pay for.’ If you choose cheap scales, you can be sure that they will not deliver as precise a weight as more expensive choices built by better manufacturers.

Attaching a weight to your digital fishing scale is a smart way to test it. Suppose the fishing scales show different readings each time. In that case, you will need to return the fish scales or simply be aware that the digital reading does not show exactly what the net weight is.


Waterproofing and Durability

When digital fish scales were initially introduced, one of the main worries fishermen had been durability. Some of today’s more affordable digital scales are still built in a way that makes them less water resistant.

Modern fish scales are built with higher waterproofing and overall durability. The general durability and weatherproof construction of analog or mechanical scales over digital ones are clear. Unlike digital fishing scales, which can only tolerate a small amount of water, they can be totally submerged without damage.

If you want a fishing scale that is more durable than most other digital fish scales, expect to pay a premium. Digital scales produced to higher standards and have superior overall quality than competitors will be more expensive than other brands and models. Investing in a piece of quality equipment will ensure a long-lasting set of fishing scales.


Solid Hanging Hook

Many fishermen ignore the strength and durability of the hanging hooks or clips when purchasing digital fishing scales. The weight of larger fish can often cause poorly-made hanging hooks or clips to fail or even break.

It’s generally a matter of personal preference whether you need fish scales with a clipper or closed hook to hang fishes in a secure manner. When fishing for saltwater fish with many sharp teeth, choose fish scales with a robust clip to keep the fish hooked and avoid thrashing.

Fish scales with clippers or grippers are more expensive tools than a basic hook scale. Tournament anglers also use these grips since they do not hurt the fish’s gills.

If you often catch and release fish, you may wish to grab a set of fishing scales with a lip gripper instead of gill hooks and versatility. Because of this, many anglers have started utilizing a lightweight pair of grippers that can easily slide over the scale’s hook.


On-Screen Display

Anglers complained about digital fish scales being difficult to read at times during the early age of electronics. This was especially true when reading the numbers on the digital scale’s screen in bright sunshine or early or late in the day.

Now, companies that make high-quality digital fish scales prefer backlit LCD displays that can indicate and track the weight of your fish at any time of day. Some scales even have a brighter LCD screen for night fishing. Also, reverse image LCD screens are available now.


Battery Life

When purchasing digital fish scales, the last thing to consider is the product’s battery life rating. Since you can’t afford to have your digital scales run out of batteries while out on the water, some have a longer battery power life than others.

Some anglers can prove that old batteries leave wider for errors regarding fish weights compared to new ones. Most scales use AA or AAA batteries, so keep space for a spare set in your boat or tackle bag just in case.


Digital Fishing Scale Maintenance Tips

  • Gently clean away debris and residue with a dry toothbrush. You can also use a pipe cleaner to get into smaller scale seams.
  • Remove fingerprints with a microfiber cloth. Finger grease can build up and impact calibrated setup.
  • If you must clean your scale with liquids, use mild solutions like filtered water. Prevent strong compounds like ethanol from reacting with other substances on the scale.
  • Be kind to your scale. Shaking it vigorously can destroy the scale’s mechanics.
  • Recalibrate for future readings. Moving your scale might impair calibration. Thus you should always recalibrate.


Final Thoughts

As you can see from our reader-supported analysis, fish scales are versatile and come in many forms and sizes. Some are simple fishing scales, while others include a fish gripper and tape measurements.

There is nothing to worry about because, in the end, it boils down to the sort of fishing and the fish’s size you intend to capture.

Our list includes the digital fish scales according to the reviews achieved from the customers, experts, and professional anglers. Rest assured, you can trust this review to make your search more convenient. Let us know if you shop anything from our list.

If you have any feedback, commendations, or questions regarding our picks, you may contact us directly for more information (data protected by our privacy policy)!



Is the Googan scale accurate?

Ans: The vivid digital display of the Googan scale makes it easy to read and record your catches, so you can boldly brag about your fishes with astonishing precision. The scale has a peak capacity of 55lbs, making it capable of chasing bass and larger species like catfish and striper.

What does Tare mean on a fish scale?

Ans: Pressing the Tare button (sometimes means ‘Zero’) resets the scale’s displayed weight to zero. The Tare button may also measure numerous items in a container. Simply add your first item, note the weight, then press Tare to continue weighing in line.

What is the best scale for bass fishing?

Ans: Berkley Digital Fish Scale with Tape Measure. It’s a portable digital scale with a built-in tape measure. In addition, it’s waterproof and can store up to ten weights in-memory storage.

What scale do pro fishermen use?

Ans: The Brecknell ElectroSamson Scale is so accurate that pro fisherman may reliably cull fish down to fractions of an ounce, even for a smaller fish.

What’s the best fish grabber tool on the market?

Ans: Rapala 9″ Floating Fish Gripper is a fish grip style scale. It is compact and lightweight. There is no built-in scale, but there is a hook to attach the floating lip gripper to an external scale so you may weigh your fish. The quick-release button unlocks the jaws from the attachment point.

Where do you put the hook to weigh a fish?

Ans: Hook the fishing scale weight hook under the fish’s gill plate to weigh it. If the hook is attached to the fish’s lip, you can suspend it from the lure.

Which digital fish scale should I buy?

Ans: According to our research, the Rapala Touch Screen Tourney Scale is suitable for almost all anglers.

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