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Become An Expert Hunter with The Help of The Best Hunting Monocular: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

In this article on hunting gear review, we will try to find the best hunting monocular.

We have shortlisted the highest-reviewed monoculars from around the platforms and put them through the rigorous process of elimination by the best features. We have trimmed the list to just 10! You can certainly find the best monocular suitable for you among these.

We have attached the buying guide by which we have selected the products, and we are sure that will help you as well. You will find a care and maintenance guide in this article, and we have answered some FAQs as well.

So, let’s get on to the reviews!


Best Hunting Monocular Reviews: Our Top 11 Picks

The monoculars included in our list are the most rated and highest reviewed products on the market. Let’s see our top picks-


Gosky 12×55 High Definition Hunting Monocular Telescope and Quick Phone Holder

Gosky monocular is the highest reviewed monocular on our list. Let’s find out about the features of this best monocular.

Gosky 12x55 High Definition Monocular Telescope and Quick Phone Holder - Best hunting monocular


This is a high definition monocular telescope with a phone holder. The specs are 12×55 high magnification monoculars for your outdoor adventures. Gosky hunting monocular has a fully multi-coated optical lens for a bright image and solid performance. This monocular has a lens coating that is very useful for air to glass surfaces and durable for prolonged use.

Unlike Gosky Titan monocular, the objective lens diameter of this model is 55 mm, exactly what is needed to see in low light conditions. Gosky high power monocular has optics quality magnification on 12x. It is not too high to overwhelm the image’s better quality and not too low, so you would miss the details.

There is a Large BAK 4 Prism inside that gives you clearer and sharper images. Gosky hunting monocular has long eye relief for glasses wearers and non-eyeglasses wearers. The eye relief features twist eyecups for your comfort.

Gosky hunting monocular has a solid framework and extremely durable rubber armor that protects it from breaking from falling. The rubber coating makes it harder, so it doesn’t slip away from your hand.

This hunting monocular is waterproof, fogproof, dustproof, and shockproof. There is nitrogen gas inside that prevents dust, dirt, and debris away from your monocular.

This hunting monocular front lens forms impressive optics and crystal clear images for your hunting and other outdoor needs. The other specs are-

  • Prism: BAK4
  • Field of view/ viewing range: 325ft/1000yds
  • Field Angle: 6.5 Degrees
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 2.5mm
  • Exit Pupil: 4.2mm
  • Exit Relief: 18mm

Gosky Hunting Monocular works with almost all kinds of iPhones and Android phones. This makes taking photos easier. You can use this hunting monocular for hiking, hunting, climbing, bird watching, ball games, concerts, watching wildlife, wildlife, mountaineering, camping, surveillance, traveling, and scenery.

The package comes with- 1x 12X55 Monocular, 1x Digiscoping Adapter, 1x Hand Straps, 1x Soft Nylon Carrying bag, 1x Eyepiece, 1x Nonabrasive Cleaning Cloth,  1x Instrument Manual, and Lens Protection Covers,. The price of this high quality monocular on the middle range (see our buying guide).


  • Waterproof and fog proof with inert gas nitrogen filled optics explorer, high power monocular reduce glare
  • Superior image quality, 12x zoom monocular for hunting
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Fully multi coated lenses, high optics quality magnification
  • High definition wide view monocular telescope, high image clarity
  • Better than wingspan optics explorer, wrist strap
  • Adjustable eye relief cups, non slip grip, molded grip
  • Durable armor with a smartphone adapter
  • 55 mm wide objective lens size


  • Some products are delivered without specification

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Authentic ROXANT Grip Scope High Definition Best Wide View Hunting Monocular- 6×30

This is a military grade, highly recommended hunting monocular on our list. Authentic Roxant Grip Scope High Definition Monocular is one of the highest-rated monoculars on the market too!

Authentic ROXANT Grip Scope High Definition Wide View Monocular- 6x30


First, the Authentic Roxant grip scope high definition body is made with a non slip grip that is comfortable to hold. This is a perfect match of comfort and functionality. Roxant grip scope high definition is light weighted and easy to carry for hunters and adventurers.

The BAK4 prism guarantees high quality images even in low light. The optical glass lens is fully multi coated optics for protection and clear viewing. Roxant grip scope is a monocular 6 x 30 mm specification that gives you the highest quality, precise optics.

Authentic Roxant grip scope high definition comes with retractable eye relief (eyecup); you can use it whether you are an eyeglass wearer or a non glasses wearer. There are other features that allow you to carry, like a belt loop and neck strap. It comes with a cleaning cloth as well.

Roxant grip scope is a high definition wide view monocular for outdoor enthusiasts, bird watching, hunting, archery, hiking, camping, boating, target shooting, climbing, and water sports.

Roxant grip scope is affordable and very high quality monocular. You can buy it for yourself or gift it to your friends.


  • Non-slip grip, good grip build quality
  • Durable rubber armor, high quality optics, miniature telescope
  • 30 mm wide objective lens size for high optical quality
  • Superior image quality, 6x zoom monocular for specifications magnification
  • Adjustable eye relief cups for people who wear eyeglasses, cheap monocular optics explorer
  • High definition wide view monocular, better than wingspan optics explorer
  • A neck strap carrying pouch and belt loop included
  • Best monocular with an affordable price tag
  • Fully multi coated optics, high optics quality magnification


  • Some units had a slight problem with magnification

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Pankoo 40X60 High Power Hunting Monocular Scope

Next, we have the High Power monoculars from Pankoo. This is a perfect monocular for hiking, hunting, climbing, bird watching, ball games, concerts, traveling, and watching the scenery.

Pankoo 40X60 Monocular High Power Monocular Scope


This is a high definition wide view monocular for your hunting need. It has 10x high definition magnification and different fields of view while hunting. The objective lens diameter is 60 mm; it catches more light and creates clear and sharp images that are lifelike.

The high resolution images are created with a BAK4 prism and a fully multi coated lens. This makes the lens durable, the image clear, and the hunting easier. This optical device is a true friend of the hunters and adventurers of the world. It weighs just 14 ounces, and you can carry it around very easily.

There is pure nitrogen gas inside the monocular for water proofing and fog proofing. This is a manual focus monocular for daytime hunting, and it comes with a tripod made with aluminum. This collapsible tripod gives you stable photos, and because it has a smartphone adapter, you can show off the images and footage to your friends! The adapter works with most smartphones, android, and iPhone alike. There is a remote control that can be used to take photos remotely.

It is a great friend for the hunting community, and it is a must have item. The price is middle range (see buying guide), so you can expect great service for the price.

If you are not completely satisfied with the monocular, you can return and get a refund within 30 days of purchase.


  • Waterproof and fog proof, high power monocular
  • Superior image quality, 10x zoom monocular for specifications magnification
  • Better than wingspan optics explorer
  • Aluminum tripod and smartphone adapter optics explorer
  • Fully multi coated lens, high optics quality magnification
  • Adjustable eye relief cups, non slip grip- durable rubber armor
  • 60 mm wide objective lens, easy use focus ring


  • Not a night vision monocular, not included close focus lens

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Feemic Best Fogproof Hunting Monocular Telescope High Power

We are halfway through the list, and we don’t even know which one is our favorite! Next on our list is Feemic Monocular for hunting, bird watching, camping, hiking, and sightseeing!

Feemic Monocular Telescope High Power


The monocular comes with a fully coated lens, and it features all the highest quality optics. The precision design of this monocular makes it very useful and desirable.

This high power monocular telescope comes with 8x magnification power and 42 mm objective lens diameter. This lens makes sure you get the brightest, clear and sharp images. This monocular telescope has a field of view is 1000 yards. It is perfect for outdoor adventures, like hunting, hiking, bird watching, etc.

The tube is nitrogen gas filled, making it waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof. The monocular comes with a built-in dust cover that keeps dust, dirt, and debris away. This makes the images clear and keeps your lens safe. The rubber grip and rubber finish give it shock absorption. The durable external protection gives the monocular a long and functional life, which will help you with your hunting needs.

The monocular has large BAK 4 prisms that take part in making the images clear and sharp. This prism makes sure there is no distortion and ensures superior light transmission. Even in low light conditions, night vision can help you see things.

The monocular is comfortable to hold and is very light. It is ergonomically designed; the strap makes sure the monocular doesn’t fall off of your hands. There is an adjustable eye relief that is useful for both eyeglass wearers and non glasses wearers.

The rubber armor helps it stay on your hand and prevent slipping. This is a wide application easy focus high definition monocular for hiking, hunting, climbing, bird watching, watching wildlife and scenery, golf, spotting scopes, surveillance, concerts, and traveling.

This is a cheap monocular, but it is not low quality. It is a high quality monocular that is cheap, and you can buy these monoculars for yourself, your friends, and your family. This monocular comes with a 30 days refund, lifetime warranty, and service!


  • Waterproof and fog proof, high power monocular for close range hunting with close focus distance
  • Superior image quality, built-in night vision, easy focus adjustment
  • Bak4 prism monocular for clear and sharp image, eye relief for people who wear glasses
  • Fully multi coated lens, high optics quality magnification
  • Adjustable eye relief cups, retractable eyepiece, non-slip grip armor
  • 42 mm wide objective lens, convenient focus ring, low price
  • Very impressive optics explorer, better than wingspan optics explorer, half the weight
  • 30 days refund, lifetime warranty


  • Adjusting focus seems to be an issue with some customers

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Vortex Best Optics Solo Hunting Monocular 8×25

Vortex Optics Solo is the next monocular on our list. This is a premium quality monocular for your hunting needs. Solo makes the top-of-the-line hunting gears all around.

Vortex Optics Solo Monocular 8x25


This particular monocular is an 8x magnification monocular. Vortex optics solo magnification is not too big to distort the image and not too small to not identify any target.

Vortex Optics Solo is a small and lightweight monocular for hunting and other outdoor activities. It features a fully multi coated lens that increases excellent light transmission and gives you a high resolution, clear, and crisp image. Vortex Optics Solo is rubber armored for extra protection that gives it a non slip grip. The durability is increased because of the rubber armor.

Vortex Optics Solo is waterproof, fog proof. It is because the Vortex optics solo has nitrogen gas purged inners with o ring sealed for the best performance in any environment.

There are adjustable eyecups on Vortex Optics Solo, and this eye relief can fit both glasses wearers and non eyeglass wearers alike. The prism is a roof prism assembly design that gives you a clear and sharp image while increasing the durability and compact design of the Vortex Optics Solo. The external protection of Vortex optics solo is durable external protection.

Vortex Optics Solo comes in 4 sizes and at very affordable prices. It comes with a neck lanyard and soft carry case.


  • Waterproof and fog proof, high-powered monocular spotting scope
  • Superior image quality, built in night vision, o ring seals
  • Eye relief for people who wear glasses
  • Better than wingspan optics explorer
  • Fully multi coated lens, high optics quality magnification
  • Adjustable eye relief cups, non slip grip- durable rubber armor
  • 25 mm wide objective lens, 8x magnification power perfect image
  • Neck lanyard and carry case included with optics explorer


  • Image can get a bit weird on zooming; no focus ring

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CREATIVE XP 2021 Digital Best Night Vision Hunting Monocular PRO

This is a high end digital monocular for hunting. Creative XP Night Vision monocular is one of its kind on our list.

CREATIVE XP 2021 Digital Night Vision Monocular PRO


This is sometimes called spy gear for its reliability. It can help you see in pitch black night. There is no ambient light like other night vision monoculars, so it saves precious battery life. Creative XP Night vision monocular has a lithium rechargeable battery that lasts up to 5 hours.

This night vision monocular has fully multi coated lenses that reduce surface reflections and flare and ensure excellent light transmission. The coat protects the lens from water, moisture, and dirt. This makes sure you get the best ever picture possible with your monoculars.

The range of this night vision monocular is 1640 feet. It is great for hunting, hiking, surveillance, security work. It has 5x digital zoom as well, so you know you will get the best details possible from this. You can record high definition wide view, full HD 1080p videos, and crisp, clear, and sharp images. You can attach a card, and you get a card reader with it for transferring data more easily.

The screen is 1.54 inches, so you know you can see the images, but it is not too bright so as to chase your game away. The objective lens diameter is 35 mm; it is great for night time shooting as well as day time shooting.

This is a perfect companion for your hunting, camping, fishing, farm security, or outdoor fun.

This premium night vision monocular comes with a card reader, a protective case, a 32 GB SD card, a USB battery charger, and one easy to read and understand user manual. You can use tripods from other brands like- Bushnell, Firefield, SiOnyx, Sightmark. And of course, it comes with a 16340 Lithium battery that is rechargeable and lasts for up to five hours.

This premium night vision monocular is a bit on the pricier. Still, we would vote to buy it considering the quality, durability, and functions.


  • Digital night vision monocular, high power monocular
  • Superior image quality on distant targets, built-in night vision
  • Fully multi coated lens, high optics quality magnification
  • Adjustable eye relief cups, non slip grip- durable rubber armor
  • 35 mm wide objective lens size, 8x magnification simple coated lens
  • SD Card, case, and card reader included, very convenient


  • No waterproof rating was available

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Leupold LTO Tracker 2 Best Thermal Hunting Monocular

This is another digital monocular for your hunting needs. This is a thermal monocular that changes the hunting game forever.

Leupold LTO Tracker 2 Thermal Viewer


This digital thermal monocular is one of a kind, high quality monocular that can pick up the heat signature from the body, blood, and trail. This works just as well during the day as it does at night.

LTO tracker 2 is very easy to use to identify the target, which makes it perfect for hunting and surveillance. This is essential hunting gear for you. This is a waterproof monocular that can be used in all weather to hunt. The focus is non fixed, meaning you can change the focus based on your needs. It has 7x magnification. And it can show you the target in 6 different colors.

It catches thermal signature very easily and effectively, and it gifts you the targets from far away. The display is dimmable for nighttime use, and you can change the brightness for daytime as well. This has a lightweight aluminum body that holds all the parts together. The body is waterproof, fogproof, and durable for prolonged use.

The detection range is 600 yards, more than perfect for hunting. There is a gorilla glass display for durability.

The body is rugged for better grip and comfortable holding. This is also shockproof!

This top of the shelf monocular product is powered by Lithium CR123A batteries that come with the package. The durability is tested in different weather conditions, and the users swear by this digital thermal monocular.

Because it is a thermal monocular, the picture quality is not as good as one would hope. Still, if you see through this, you will not be thinking about the aesthetics of the hunt! It gives you sure kills, and you can track any injured game while hunting. It is great for surveillance as well. So, for those in the border region, this is the thing you need for protection.

In the colder climate, the usefulness of this thermal monocular is highly appreciated. This changes the whole game! Your game can’t hide from you anymore!

This US made thermal monocular is top of a shelf product, so the price range is a bit higher, but this is very much worth it! Many users recommend it highly, many of them are veterans, and they know the highest quality when they see one!


  • Digital night vision monocular, high power monocular with a thermal detector
  • Built-in night vision tracks the hunt by body heat, can pick the trail too
  • Fully multi coated lens, high optics quality magnification
  • Adjustable eye relief cups for eye strain
  • Non-slip grip armor made of rubber
  • 7x magnification power for specifications magnification, light aluminum body, home made
  • 6 different color palettes to identify game
  • Great for surveillance as well
  • Waterproof, fog proof, shockproof


  • Pricier than other monoculars

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Emarth High Power Zoom Hunting Monocular Telescope

Is it just me, or the competition really seems to have become very close and interesting now?

Emarth High Power  Zoom Monocular Telescope


So, our next in line is the Emarth High Power Monocular telescope. It is not a digital monocular, nor a night vision, or thermal monocular. But that doesn’t make it less worthy of a discussion.

This high quality monocular has a magnification option of (ready for it?) 10x to 30x powerful magnification! You can see further with these monoculars than any other monoculars on our list. It is a portable design that is perfect for hunting, camping, target shooting, archery, bird watching, watching wildlife, scenery, and even astronomy.

There is a BAK4 crystal prism on the monocular that is complemented by a fully multi coat lens. The objective lens diameter is 50 mm. These two together give you the clearest image. It eliminates reflection and makes clear and sharp images for your hunting needs.

The Emarth monocular is waterproof and fog proof made by the nitrogen gas filled inners. The design is rugged, and this gives you a non slip grip. The body is also very durable. It is an all-weather monocular designed to complement your hunting needs and other outdoor adventure needs.

This product comes with a 30 days money back guarantee and lifetime quality guarantee. And the price is affordable for this very affordable monocular.


  • 10x to 30x magnification for specifications magnification potential
  • Fully multi coated lens, high optics quality magnification
  • Non-slip grip; durable armor
  • Great for surveillance as well
  • Waterproof, fog proof, absorb shock
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Not for night vision

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 Bushnell Legend Best Ultra HD Hunting Monocular

No monocular list would be complete without the Bushnell legend ultra HD monocular, it seems. So here is our Bushnell legend ultra HD. No, we are kidding; this Bushnell legend ultra HD monocular is here because of its quality.

 Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Monocular


Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Monocular comes with a BAK4 prism that creates crisp, clear, and sharp images. The lens is fully coated on Bushnell legend ultra HD monocular to create clear and sharp images. This premium monocular has ED Glass and a PC3 phase coated prism.

Bushnell legend ultra HD is a waterproof, fog proof design that gives you a 100% guarantee. There are comfortable and twist up eyecups available, and Bushnell legend ultra HD comes with a Picatinny rail and carry clips.

The objective lens diameter is 42 mm. Also, the field of view is 340 ft.

The price of the Bushnell monocular is affordable, and it is recommended by many, many people.


  • BAK4 prism
  • Fully coated optics
  • High optics quality magnification
  • ED glass
  • PC3 phase coated prism
  • Great for surveillance as well
  • Waterproof, fog proof, shockproof


  • High price could be an issue for some buyers

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Archeer Hunting Monocular Best Dual Focus Optics Zoom Telescope

Finally, we have the high powered monocular with excellent light transmission and durable external protection, Archeer 16×52 Monocular Dual Focus Optics Zoom Telescope for quality viewing on hunting.

Archeer Monocular Dual Focus Optics Zoom Telescope


This manual focus monocular telescope gives you super clear images, with superior light transmission and brightness even in low light conditions. You can use this monocular for bird watching, wildlife, hunting, camping, hiking, tourism, armoring, and living concert.

This monocular zoom is 16x, and the objective lens diameter is 52 mm. This gives you the best images, clear, high contrast images with ample brightness that makes hunting easier. The eye lens is 18.5 mm.

There is a BAK 4 prism inside that gathers the light that travels through the objective lens. It creates clear and sharp images. The mirror inside is full of nitrogen gas that prevents fogging. The body is waterproof, and the design is fog proof.

The field of view is wide, 68 meters/ 8000 meters; this gives you a wholesome view of the game zone and gives you a clear view. The size is only 100 mm, and you can fit it in your pocket. It is a very compact size, and frankly, is a compact monocular for hunting. You can carry it everywhere you please, be it hunting, bird watching, hiking, or sightseeing.

Unlike most monoculars, the manufacturers give you a bag to carry this pocket monocular, 40 days refund guarantee, and 18 months of customer service. This is a cheap monocular for your hunting and other outdoor adventures.


  • 55 mm wide objective lens optics explorer easy focus mechanism
  • A cheap monocular telescope with 16x magnification
  • High definition wide view monocular higher magnification, waterproof, trusted optics
  • 40 days refund, 18 months of service
  • Fully multi coated lens, high optics quality magnification for dim light conditions
  • Better than wingspan optics explorer, budget monocular
  • Superior image quality, easy to carry compact monocular


  • Not so good in dim light compared to high-end products (Given its low price, it’s not a surprise)

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BARSKA Blackhawk Best Waterproof Hunting Monocular

The Barska Blackhawk Hunting monocular is an excellent mid-range sighting scope for when you’re out in the hunt.

BARSKA Blackhawk Waterproof Monocular


Despite its small size and lightweight, it provides enough amplification for a wide range of outdoor activities, like hunting, birdwatching, and animal observation.

There have been several Barska products throughout the ages, and the Blackhawk is only the latest in a long series. Barska has a long history of producing high-quality gear that doesn’t cost a fortune for outdoor lovers.

Magnification is certainly an important consideration if you’ve been looking through Barska monocular reviews to find the ideal model. Understanding exactly what you’re paying for is a key part of the process of purchasing a scope.

The Blackhawk’s magnification ranges from 20x to 75x across four variants. Among the most powerful degrees of magnifying possible in a spotter scope is at your disposal with this version.

The Barska hunting monocular demonstrates that it is extremely difficult to attain decent image quality at magnifications exceeding 60x effects of atmospheric circumstances.

At 1000 yards, you’ll be able to see 131 feet with the scope’s 20x magnification. However, relative to other spot scopes of the same specifications, this is a very reasonable price point.

Using this monocular, you’ll get the clearest, most detailed images possible from your scope.

This scope is based on a Porro prism, which analysts think provides the most value for money.

The Barska monocular comes with two carrying cases to keep it safe while you’re out and about. Even if your scope gets a few bumps along the way, it will be fully secured if you have it in the protective case!

Aside from astronomy and digiscoping, the Barska Blackhawk’s photos are clear enough for other pursuits, other than rifle shooting.

Barska, a company that has proven time and time again that its scopes are constructed to last, has produced yet another great model in the Blackhawk.


  • Great quality of the image
  • Mid range price
  • Porro prism
  • Magnification is optimal for hunting


  • The focus wheel position is somewhat inconvenient, and needs extra care to handle

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Hunting Monocular Buying Guide

Hunting Monoculars are hunters’ best friends. Because Monocular is lightweight and compact in size, people prefer these over binoculars. Monoculars are easy to carry on the hunt and store. People prefer monocular over binocular for this reason as well.

Because of the single lens, you get clearer views, and these are easier than binoculars to focus and handle on the field. Monoculars are more popular among hunters, hikers, and bird watchers around the world. This is why monocular is very popular in those circles.

There are many things to think through if you want to buy a monocular for your hunting needs. There are so many options on the market to choose from, and you need to know the best features, types, and other details to buy the monocular for yourself. We will discuss those in the buying guide here.


Types of Monocular

1. Night Vision Monocular

Night Vision Monocular, as the name suggests, is for nighttime hunting and surveillance. You can use these monoculars to find targets even at night. There are two ways that this Night Vision Monocular works. You have the Infrared Monocular and Thermal Imaging Monocular, which you can use both the night vision monoculars during day time.

i. Thermal Imaging Monocular

Thermal Monocular is a type of night vision monocular. This is the best type of monocular to be used at night because these use body heat to identify the target. It is easier for your outdoor adventures and outdoor sports. When there is a target, the body heat of the target will appear as red as bright images on the monocular. You can use these monoculars to detect animals that are in the bush or hiding. These are also great for surveillance.

ii. Infrared Monocular

Infrared monocular is the other type of night vision monocular. The method by which this monocular work is an optoelectronic image enhancement; this works by sensing infrared light that is reflected off of the object. Then it is digitally turned into a greenish image.

2. Compact Monocular

These monoculars are usually a compact version of binoculars. But compact monoculars are more compact. These are smaller than regular monoculars. This is so that it becomes easier to carry in your pants pocket.

These monoculars, being small, have smaller magnification, and smaller lens diameter too. But that actually depends on what you want to use it for. If your outdoor adventures do not need high end specs, you can go for these monoculars. These are very cheap and are good enough for your smaller outdoor adventures.



There are many magnification options available for monoculars. Magnification is necessary for hunting and surveillance as well. Again, this all depends on what you are looking to do with the monocular.

It may seem obvious that the highest magnification is the better, but that is not true because the higher the magnification, the harder it is to get a stable viewing. So, the highest doesn’t mean the best.

Expert suggests 8x magnification gives you the best quality image, and most outdoor adventures would suffice to have 12x magnification. Anything over that can make the control harder and the image unstable. This is not what you need in hunting, ever!

Although, magnification should not be your only parameter.


Lens Coatings

Lens coatings are the most vital consideration of buying a monocular or binocular. Lens coatings enhance images; the worth of a good lens coat is prominent in low light conditions giving you clear and sharp images.

Multi coated lenses are now the standards of monoculars worldwide; these are cheaper and give you the best image quality for hunting. These multi coated lenses offer your monocular waterproofing, provide your lens protection from scratches, and prolong lens life.

We recommend you buy multi coated lenses when you buy a monocular.


Objective Lens Diameter

Objective lens diameter is another important consideration for buying a monocular. It is also an important identification method of monoculars. This is the outermost lens of a monocular, which determines how much light is gathered. The larger the objective lens diameter, the further light the lens can gather.

More light creates brighter images even in low light conditions. The ideal objective lens diameter is 30 mm, but people have gone for a bit higher or lower as their preference. Higher diameter lenses usually make a bulkier monocular, but that is another issue of preference, actually.


Size and Weight

This is an obvious consideration. You would want a monocular that is portable and light and easy to carry around while hunting. Otherwise, you would have gone for binocular, right?

Even the largest monoculars are smaller and lighter, and frankly, better than binoculars. Smaller size and weight are a huge consideration for many hunters, while others buy monoculars with tripods. It is a matter of preference.

Size and weight depend on the lens diameter; the larger the lens diameter is, the bulkier the monocular. These are cheaper too.


Eye relief

Eye relief is the part between your monocular and your eye.

Eye relief is an important issue for eyeglass wearers. As a general rule of thumb, Glasses wearers should be looking at a 14 mm eye relief so that it can fit their glasses.

Eyeglass wearers can still see the crisp quality and entire image because of the eye relief. It is not a big issue with non eyeglass wearers. But it is generally good to have a cushion between your eye and monocular.

Make sure to clarify the eye relief part while buying a monocular for yourself. Some newer models of monoculars come with an eyecup that makes sure you have eye relief. This makes it easier to use the monocular for a longer period of time.



The monocular brands use two units when selling monoculars, as you have seen in the product list. The magnification level and the lens diameter, they write it like so- 6×42, 7×25, and so on. If you are not careful in reading these, you might end up buying the wrong monocular.

Okay, so the magnification, as we said, is the level to which the monocular can zoom; this provides a bigger or smaller field of view. Lens diameter controls the amount of light that is let in through the lens to form an image. So, by combining these two units, monocular manufacturers make their specifications. You need to know what you are getting when you are buying hunting monoculars.



Poor quality prism creates dim and blurry images; higher quality prisms create sharp and clear images. Poor prisms can also cause the image to be distorted. A distorted image is no help you in hunting.

The best quality prisms are Roof Prism or Porro Prism, and you need to make sure you are buying the right thing.


Field of View

The field of view is the wide area that you can survey through a monocular. If the field of view is narrower, you can focus on a smaller area but have great detail. A wider field of view shows you more area but is low on detail.

This depends on your need, actually. But middle range field of view monocular is better for hunting and surveillance and other outdoor activities.


Other Features

There are other features that aren’t necessarily related to the monocular function but are very handy to have. Features like waterproof, fog proof, smoke proof, shock proof, etc. There are monoculars without these features, but you should consider them if a monocular offers you these.

Some modern day hunting monocular offers smartphone connection, smartphone adapters, USB port, etc. This is to make sure you can keep this footage as memories. Some have WiFi capabilities as well.


Price of the Monocular

Though this is not a category of functions, it is still a buying consideration for some people; we will divide this consideration into three parts

  1. Under $60, monoculars are considered decent by many users. These are enough to give you a decent enough picture of what you are looking for. These are for the non hunters and other outdoor activities, but these can be used for hunting needs too. Novices and amateurs usually use these cheap monoculars.
  2. The second price category is $60 – $170 budget monocular. These are on the premium side but are not top of the shelf stuff.
  3. These give you the best image quality and are very durable. You can use these for hunting, bird watching, star gazing, and other outdoor activities.
  4. The most premium monocular costs are over the $170 range. These monocular gives you excellent HD images and the best quality and durability.

These monocular have the best items, magnification, prism, and build. These are expensive, premium quality monoculars.



Monocular brands are important buying considerations as well. Before we go into the why of it, we should let you know; that we are not promoting any of the brands on the list. We don’t earn commissions from any brands here. This list has no low quality product that we are trying to promote. This is a list of people’s choices.

Now, brands. Brands are important because brands have a commitment to their reputation and company image. They will not risk their company image for one, ten, a hundred, or even a badge of monocular production profit. They have a reputation that is bigger in worth than that! This is our, people like you and us, safety net.

Brands have administrative structures that contain rigorous quality checks, highly skilled workers, and robots that can produce the highest quality monoculars.

Smaller brands do not have that luxury. Bigger brands have a lot to lose if they mess up even a fraction of their products because if they falter, hundred other brands will capitalize on that.

So, brands are good, and you should consider buying from a reputed brand that people trust. We have done this; we have made a list of the products that people have used and found to be the best. You can trust their judgments.


Care and Maintenance of Hunting Monoculars

With enough care and maintenance, monoculars will continue to give you the best service that you will need from it.

It is so common that people buy high quality monoculars, but to the lack of care and maintenance, they don’t get the most out of those. Here is a small guide to care and maintenance for you-

  1. Monocular comes with cases, almost always. It is one of the things that makes it more desirable than binoculars. Make sure you always keep it in the case it comes in with. This will protect your monoculars from dust, water, scratches, and falls. These things can really hamper your monocular performance, but it will become easier and safer with a case. The case also makes it easier to transport, so there’s that going for you.
  2. Wiping your lenses after use is a good idea. You inadvertently attract dirt, dust, debris, and oil from your finger whenever you use monoculars. This can leave smudges that can blur the images and even scratch the lens. You can use a clean, soft, lint free cloth to wipe the lens. This will clear the lens and keep your images clean, and last longer. You can use water and rubbing alcohol for cleaning. You can get lens caps included or lens covers; lens caps prevent dust and dirt from entering the lens.
  3. Debris can get stuck inside the crevices of your monocular. You can use a blower to blow away the debris and dirt. You will often get lint inside your monocular if you store it in a bag or pocket. Use the blower on the lower setting; that will work perfectly to clean the lint and debris from your monocular.
  4. Store your monoculars in a dry and cool place. Moisture and temperature can damage the lens and other components of your monocular. So, it is better to keep it hidden from the sunlight in a cool, clear, and dry place. This will prolong the life of your monocular.
  5. If you have a digital monocular, make sure you remove the batteries or power source at the end of the hunting season. It ever so happens that the power source melts and damages the monocular. It is always better to remove the battery to keep your digital monocular safe.


Final Thoughts

This is a list full of all the most rated, highest-reviewed hunting monoculars. These monoculars are the best in the market according to the customers and everyday people. There is no brand promotion, and we do not get paid by any brands here.

If you happen to use a product and found that to be one of the best monoculars, please write to us your reviews. We are glad to take your feedback. Write us your comments, suggestion, and support. We appreciated your feedback.



What is the best long-range monocular?

Ans: Emarth has the largest magnification capabilities. So it can be used as a long range monocular

What is the best magnification for a monocular?

Ans: There are many magnification levels on monoculars. It depends on your preferences.

What is the most powerful monocular on the market?

Ans: There are several; refer to our list for the most powerful monoculars.

What is the top rated monocular?

Ans: On our list, the top rated monocular is the Gosky monocular.

What to Look for in a Good Monocular?

Ans: We have covered this in detail in our buying guide section. Refer to that. But in general, size and weight, objective lens diameter, magnification, and types are the most important buying consideration for good monoculars.

Why should I Use a High Power Monocular?

Ans: High power monocular helps you with finding a target from far away. You will need such a monocular for hunting and planning to hunt big games.

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