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Best Hunting Safety Harness for Hunting from A Tree Stand – Reviews & Buying Guide for Hunters

The best hunting safety harness is a significant piece of hunting gear that could save your life. Several hunters have been extremely injured and even killed by falling out of their tree stands. Unluckily, it occurs every single hunting season. You perhaps have a hunting buddy that is fallen out of a tree on at least one occasion.

Tree stand hunting needs incredible endurance and appropriate safety equipment. Anything can occur while you are in a tree stand. Trees are very unpredictable – you might think you have a stable grasp, but you never correctly know. One erroneous move could cause you to break a leg or worse.

Studies scrutinizing falls that happened using a safety belt indicate that you only have a few minutes’ beforehand loss of consciousness. It is also possible that the tightening around your waist may kill you, as blood flow is limited and you cannot get to vital organs. While it is possible to have circulation difficulties with full-body safety harnesses, it will not happen as quickly, giving you more time to remove yourself from the condition.

Hunter safety systems have been here for ages; however, they are getting more popular because of their higher quality. Tree stand safety harnesses are the greatest way to confirm you have a safe hunt and avoid wounds while climbing your tree stand. You should follow essential safety tips while climbing.


Best Hunting Safety Harness Reviewed – Our Top Picks

Here are our favorite treestand safety harness reviews:


X-1 Bow Best Safety Hunter Harness for Tree-Stand Hunting

Tree stand harnesses could be worn all season, either under or over your clothes. These harnesses are very lightweight and designed to be comfy sufficient to wear all day. Safety system X-1 is the best-selling and highest-rated tree stand safety harness from the Hunter Safety System. That is why we are starting with this product first.

Hunter Safety System x 1 Bow Hunter Harness for Tree Stand Hunting- Best Hunting Safety Harness


The Hunter safety system X-1 is modern in reasonable tree stand safety. The lightweight climbing harness weighs only 2.5 lbs. It permits all-day coziness and mobility, and it remains silent even as the temperature drops. This harness could be worn over lightweight attires or under cold-weather safety gear for all-season use. Safety system X-1 is certified to all the criteria set by the Tree stand Maker’s Association.

Hunter safety system X-1 is one of the up-to-date safety harness models with all the vital features of the hunter safety system. The safety harness is solely made from the highest quality of materials, offering you higher durability. It’s accessible in diverse sizes and has weight lifting capability that diverges with its size. Thus, you can easily pick one as stated by the sizing chart to include with your weight.

Treestand Harness Hunter safety system X-1 never compromises with the safety features. That is why there would be no dangling straps as well as weaver-through buckles. Those are unsafe and confusing while people do bow hunting, indeed. Instead, you will get the main tree strap and suspension relief strap for locking the attachment with the tree. Moreover, it also has 2 vertical climbing loops.


  • Avoids the use of dangling straps as well as weave-through waist buckle
  • Lightweight
  • Provides superior comfort and mobility
  • Versatile
  • Includes all the essential accessories
  • Comes with five years of warranty


  • The guidelines for using the harness are a bit complex

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Hunter Safety System HSS Lil’  Best Treestalker Youth Tree-Stand Hunting Safety Harness

Stay secure the whole time you are off the ground with the HSS-Lifeline safety line. Designed to be used with tree stands up to 30 feet, the HSS-Lifeline is faultless for all types of hunters and tree stands.

Hunter Safety System HSS Lil' Treestalker Youth Tree-Stand Safety Harness


Easily attach the rope to the carabineer and slide the Prusik knot up to ascend. Then, to descend, just slide back down. The Hunter Safety System HSS-Lifeline Safety Line is a praiseworthy investment that will pay off year after year.

Simply strap to the tree while hanging the stand, tie it off at the base of the tree and leave it there for the season. Attach high-performance tether to the Carabiner and slide the Prusik knot up to ascend, as well as slide it back down while leaving. Great while hunting with kids, spouses, or cameramen. 86% of tree stand accidents happen while ascending or descending the tree, getting into, or else out of the stand.

Be attached toward the tree from the ground to the stand, throughout the hunt, and back again with correctly installed HSS Lil’ Treestalker Youth tree stand safety harnesses.


  • Allows you and a friend to remain attached to the same LifeLine
  • Great for kids, spouses, or cameramen
  • The reflective material that “lights up” with the slightest flashlight beam
  • HSS-COWBELL sound dampener removes rattles and clangs
  • Stay safe from the instant you leave the ground until the moment you return
  • 30-foot rope with Prussic knot and Carabiner
  • Easy Installation
  • Take the fear out of ascending/descending ANY tree


  • Do not provide enough safety info

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Hunter Safety System Best Ultra-Lite Tree Stand Padded Lightweight Shock Absorbing Fall Protection Flex Safety Harness

Another hunting safety harness choice from Hunter Safety System is its Ultra-Lite device. It has a more efficient, luxurious charm than other harnesses models; however, it offers superior safety.

Hunter Safety System Ultra-Lite Tree Stand Padded Lightweight Shock Absorbing Fall Protection Flex Safety Harness


One cause why this UltraLite flex harness remains popular amongst hunters stems from its coziness. All of the lineman’s climbing straps have webbing and padding inside the flexible material. While padded straps permit a wide range of motion, you could draw your bow more efficiently.

The Hunter Safety System UltraLite Flex harness offers a coziness level so high that the harness itself is shock absorbing. Even if you fall, the tug from the abrupt stop in descent is less probable to produce distress or injury.

It is the lightest tree stand safety harness in the marketplace. You would not even know you are wearing it till you need it. This harness is very flexible and has a mesh upper body that makes a super comfy fit that still permits you to move as much as you need to. The waist straps are excellent, and there is a shock-absorbing tether.

The Ultra-Light Harness by Hunter Safety System would cover your scent with the ElimiShield scent control technology. It is heat-fused into the harness itself as well as will last forever. It uses Realtree X-Tra Camouflage that would help you blend in with your surroundings.

This harness kit comes with the safety harness, adjustable shoulder straps, suspension relief strap, deer drag set up for deer hunting, lineman’s climbing rope for added safety, and a convenient DVD that would teach you how to use this hunting harness. We like this tree stand safety harness since it’s the lightest safety harness you can purchase. It has loads of useful safety features.


  • Extreme coziness
  • High range of motion
  • Effortlessly adjustable straps
  • Lightweight
  • Flawless for the young hunters
  • Comprises two pockets
  • Weighs only 2 pounds
  • Featured with scent control technology
  • Offers snug fit without losing mobility


  • No lineman’s belt

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Magnum Pro Best Lightweight Hunting Safety Harness Black, Units

If you are still comparatively new to the world of hunting, the Muddy Magnum Pro would be a great initial hunting harness. Maximum woodsmen say this is a rock ascending harness for hunting that is nice to wear. You might hear some complaints about the tree belt; however, this problem can easily be avoided with the correct size.

Magnum Pro Harness Black, Units


Weighing around 1.5lbs, the Muddy Magnum Pro is furthermore one of the lightest hunting safety harnesses. It is offered at a reasonable price, making it a great investment for any beginner huntsman. If you are in for something that offers good value for money, then this one will not be a disappointment.

This lightweight safety harness is made of water-resistant and super rugged nylon and is easy to get on and off over your complete hunting gear. It has a lineman’s rope, a tree strap, as well as a suspension relief strap to deliver you complete protection while climbing up to your tree stand.

The shoulders and waist feature additional padding and a suitable mesh air-flow design for additional comfort throughout use. Its heavyweight and rugged quick-lock buckles permit silent and effective adjusting and fast putting on or taking off the harness, even in the dark. It is offered at an excellent price point to make it an even more enticing purchase. Rated for up to 300 pounds.


  • A reasonable climbing harness, great for novices
  • Lightweight padded nylon
  • Cam leg buckles
  • Lineman’s belt
  • Magnum safety harness
  • Adjustments are noiseless so as not to scare off wildlife
  • Outstanding price tag


  • Only obtainable in one size

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Summit Treestands Best Men’s Pro Safety Harness

Fitted with a military-motivated MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment), the Summit Treestand Men’s Pro permits you to rapidly attach several accessories that will help your hunt without any stress.

Summit Treestands Men's Pro Safety Harness


The included lineman’s climbing rope offers a smooth climb before installing your tree stand or any other higher hunting equipment.

It also permits you to have continuous contact with your tree to evade a fall. While it has a decent 300lb weight rating, the Summit Pro Harness is considered to fit the shapes and sizes of any hunter.

The robust rope, with padded shoulder straps, climbing rope, as well as a military-inspired attachment system, could hold a weight of around 300 lb but on the tree stand.

The Summit Pro Safety Harness is furthermore tangle-free as well as easy to put on.

Readily obtainable in three sizes, Small, Medium, and Large; you are certain to get the size that will fit you and permit flexible movements while aiming at the game.


  • Lineman’s climbing rope
  • High-performance tether and bungee tether line
  • Military design with MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment)
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Fast release buckles let you off easily
  • Lightweight and Long-lasting


  • End buckles do not snap together

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Hunter Safety System Best Hybrid Flex Safety Harness

Well, if you have liked the Elimishield technology of the Hunter Safety System, we have got another model for you. However, this one has got something more. You might have forgotten the crucially of the lightweight feature. It is wherever the Hybrid Flex Safety Harness has changed the game. Compared to others, this model deals with a perfect mixture of all the vital elements in a very lightweight profile. Exciting, right?

Hunter Safety System Hybrid Flex Safety Harness


The blend of its 1.25″ upper-body webbing, shock-absorbing, in addition to waist buckle, has made it so light that you would hardly remember its existence on your body. Okay, let us make this clear. With all the essential accessories, it weighs only 2.5 lbs., and that’s why it is considered the lightest tree stand safety harness out there.

ElimiSheild is nanotechnology that is precisely designed to remove human scents. The good thing is every fiber of this hunting harness is treated with the ElimiShield so that you’ll remain completely hidden on your tree stand.

The harness features individual, padded hexagons that are the coziest ones out there. It means you will get exceptional coziness with the uppermost level of flexibility.

The Hybrid Flex furthermore features the radical patented HSS design of the Hunter Safety System, which would give you the maximum amount of strength. And you won’t get any unsafe dangling straps as well as weave-trough buckles.

The harness has six suitable pockets and binocular straps. Consequently, feel free to take all your accessories to your hunting ground.


  • Featured with scent-destroying ElimiShield technology
  • Individual, padded hexagons for the supreme amount of coziness and mobility
  • Weighs only 2.5 lbs
  • Equipped with six suitable pockets as well as binocular straps
  • Contains all the necessary accessories
  • Comes with five years of guarantee


  • Some of the clients had difficulties with the adjustable leg-strap buckle

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Muddy MSH120 Magnum Elite Safety Harness Black

Due to its ultra-lightweight and minimal fabric, the Muddy MSH120 Magnum Elite Safety Harness is also ultra-comfortable and has a reduced odour. When it’s pared down to the essentials, you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. Overall hunting, this harness provides high mobility and breathability thanks to its Air-flow mesh shoulder straps. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, the Magnum Elite harness weighs just 2 pounds.

Muddy MSH120 Magnum Elite Safety Harness Black


If you plan to pack light for a hunting trip, you can’t go wrong with this model. You won’t have any difficulty adjusting it over your clothing because it is very light. To keep you hidden, the harness is made of a small amount of fabric, so there is less of a scent to worry about.

Simultaneously, you don’t have to be concerned about the nylon design becoming irritating. The straps are all padded, so you won’t feel any pain when wearing it. The system comprises quick-release buckles, so you’ll appreciate how simple it is to put on and take off the harness.

You won’t get hot and uncomfortable from overheating because of the design. At 2 pounds, it’s a rather astounding weight-bearing capacity of 300 pounds.

Lightweight and versatile, this type was designed with shooting in mind and can be thrown over just about anything.

The harness is simple to use and will not pose any problems during the application or removal process.

To ensure that your odor doesn’t chase away your prey, the harness’s structure enables light and ventilation.

The quick-release buckles on this harness will allow you to wear it in the most comfortable way imaginable.

The provided tether is of the highest quality and is extremely long-lasting.


  • Light weight
  • Nylon made
  • Good brand value
  • Affordable


  • Some products arrive defected!

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Best Hunting Safety Harness – Buying Guide

So, how can you find the top-of-the-line hunting safety harness from the variety? It is not that hard; you have to confirm some key features beforehand making any choice. Those features are needed to fulfill all your necessities through the hunting procedure. Now that you have come this far, let us discuss them.



Are you not buying a harness to confirm your maximum protection on the tree stand? Then it is needless to say how significant this feature is for you. That is why you have to pay good attention to the safety features of a harness.

However, diverse harness uses different safety strategies. But when it comes to the brand named Hunter Safety System mostly, you will notice that they always offer something excellent. Most of the hunting safety harnesses of this brand feature the newest technology and best engineering. And that is why you will remain entirely safe on your tree stand.

Also, the best harnesses from Hunter Safety System contain Lineman’s climbing tree strap, adjustable tree strap, and suspension relief strap for securing the tuning with the tree. With all these things, it could indeed hold you tightly on your tree stand and decrease the possibility of every undesirable accident. So, if you’re trying to find the best one, do not forget to confirm the security features of the safety harness.

The suspension relief straps should be ordered with each harness without further thinking. Certainly, they serve to relieve the potentially lethal suspension trauma from a fall. since applying these loops provides you a considerable amount of precious minutes extra time beforehand a rescue arrives!



You must obtain a strong product as you seek something that could handle your weight and keep you safe on your tree stand. Only a sturdy product has the greatest weight lifting competence and provides all your preferred support. weight capacity should be high for a good harness

Once again, the structure of the Hunter Safety System’s harnesses has made their harnesses stand out. They use an exclusive HSS patented design in their harnesses, verified and sturdy in numerous situations. Furthermore, all of their harnesses are made from the utmost quality materials. This is why you will get supreme durability from the harnesses of this brand.

With the maximum sturdiness, they can include your weight even if you are a bit heavy. So, if you search for the best tree stand harness for big guys, we recommend you pick one from our list. Only with them will you get the utmost amount of weight lifting capacity that creates outstanding sturdiness.



Every hunter would prefer to have a lightweight harness. The engineers of the hunter safety system moreover know that. That is why they use the radical light pattern in their saddles. Looking closely at the above list, you will notice that the harnesses’ weight rating ranges from 2 to 2.8 lbs. Presently, these are the lightest safety harnesses in the current market. For that reason, it will be better if you choose one from there.



Many hunters are not exactly specialists in stitching, while there are exceptions, let us face it: most of us are not tailors. When you are purchasing something to keep you safe, though, you will need to pick up a couple of tricks to make certain that what you are buying is not junk.

It means taking a look at the sewing on a safety harness. Make sure there is no fraying and that it’s solid work.



Luckily, many new safety harnesses have some extra hunting accessories to make up for the slight bit of extra bulk you will be carrying. These usually come in the form of pockets along your waist


Functionality and Comfort

If you will be wearing your hunting safety harness for hours on end, day after day, it had better be comfy. An uncomfortable harness is not good for you. Being uncomfortable, however, rigged up in it would distract you and stop you from doing the most thorough and safe job possible. It furthermore means that you will wear the climbing harness correctly and not make any adjustments that might upsurge your risk of the wound.

Perfectly placed padding and buckles aid to improve the fit and coziness of a safety harness. While comfort is not the most significant key feature, it plays a bigger part in workers who wear their hunting safety harness often and for long periods.



Appropriate sizing of your good safety harness is key to confirming accident-free function and fit. It’s a lot like the outfit, with sizes being very customizable. It is not a “one-size-fits-all” state. While many harnesses are adjustable, they are restricted based on the fixed sizes of the webbing as to just how much you could adjust them.

Your hunting safety harness must fit snugly, but not too firmly. Chest straps should sit naturally across the widest part of your chest; they shouldn’t be up in the armpits or down at the bottom of the rib cage. The d-rings must sit evenly and without too much force directly between your shoulder blades, and you would be capable of getting a flat hand but not a fist among your leg straps and your leg. The chest adjustment strap is a very important strap for the harness.



You want the piece with an innovative webbing system. Proper upper body webbing meets your work’s precise requirements. It must be heat-resistant while your jobs are often dealing with flame.

If people’s everyday tasks are completed at the construction site, abrasion and tear resistance are vital. Other than that, there are outfits covered with water-repellent coatings. A stretchy and adjustable webbing would be an outstanding choice for those who prioritize their coziness while working.

Final Words

The idea of the Hunter Safety System originated from the love for hunting and to keep all the tree stand hunters safe. They are the trustworthy name and adorable by several hunters out there. And fairly, you’ll furthermore love them after using their safety harnesses.

If you want the best support on your tree stand, you must buy the finest safety harness. Expectantly, this article will be ready to lend a hand in providing you with what you have been looking for.



How do you attach a tree stand hunting safety harness to a tree?

Ans: Most tree stand falls happen while a hunter is climbing up or down a tree. Always use a correctly fitting FAS that contains a full-body harness at all times while your feet are off the ground. it contains while climbing a tree, installing a tree stand that usages climbing help, and hunting from a tree stand

How do you use a tree stand hunting safety harness?

Ans: A full-body hunting safety harness secures the bowhunter to the tree or lifeline with a flexible tether situated on the harness’s back, just under the neck. The safety harness straps around your thighs and chest, which distributes weight through the body.

How often should you replace your hunting safety harness?

Ans: Depending on the industry, it could range from 6 months to 6 years. Some safety harnesses could even last over 10 years, depending on the quantity of use and the quality of the maintenance and storage

What is a summit safety harness?

Ans: Designed with padded, adjustable shoulder straps to deliver the perfect fit, this summit safety harness uses a MOLLE attachment system and has a lineman’s climbing rope to help keep you safe as you ascend and descend.

What is a tree spider speed Harness?

Ans: The tree spider speed Harness is one of the simplest, lightest, and safest in the world. The Tree Spider Harness Hunter is the only product that offers Speed Clips Patented Integration System.

Which one is the best brand for hunter safety?

Ans: Hunter Safety System.

Why do I need a hunting safety harness?

Ans: A hunting safety harness permits you to attach yourself to a fixed object, thus confirming you will not hit the ground if you trip or fall from height. Falling from height is one of the main reasons for workplace injury, so it’s necessary that you are equipped with precise equipment.

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